A book to listen to: "De dag-en nachtegaal" (The Day- and Nightingale)

Composer Theo Loevendie
Text and storyteller Kees van Kooten.
NB Will also be issued in English.

North Netherlands Orchestra (NNO). Conducted by Hans Leenders.

Edition: Bezige Bij, Peermusic, Brilliant Classics, 2008
ISBN 978 90 234 3698 0 /NUR 077

Klas Torstensson

Composer Klas Torstensson: Intermezzo & Epilogue from the Expedition / Self-Portrait with percussion.

(i.a.) Asko Ensemble led by Hans Leenders; percussionist Peppie Wiersma.

Erik Voermans, Parool:
"..Self-portrait with percussion can be listened to in a miraculous performance by the Asko Ensemble led by Hans Leenders. (...).What makes the 9-fold Self-portrait so impressive is the magnificence of colours...(etc).

Label: Et'cetera KTC 1352, via website Asko E.

Peter-Jan Wagemans

Composer Peter Jan Wagemans: 7th symphony and "De Stad en de Engel" (The City and the Angel).

Netherlands Radio Philharmonic Orchestra led by Hans Leenders (and Micha Hamel).

Selected as best CD of contemporary music of 2007 by Radio 4 listeners, Dec 2007

Hans Leenders

RÖNTGEN: Orchestral Music

Catalog Number: COBRA0017
Label: Cobra Records
Format: CD

Categories: Orchestral Music
Classical Periods: 20th Century

Composers: Julius Röntgen
Directors: Hans Leenders
Performers: Noord Nederlands Orkest

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Village Burial with Fire; Spirit Festival with Lamentations

James Wood
Percussive Rotterdam

ASIN: B000000NZ4
Audio CD
Label: Mode


Composers Henk Alkema (music), Peter te Nuyl (scriptwriter, staging).

North Netherlands Orchestra (NNO) and North Netherlands Concert choir.

Conducted by Hans Leenders.

With i.a. Mark Holland (bass baritone), Tania Kross (mezzo-soprano) and Bonita Hyman (alto).

Edition: Donemus Amsterdam, 2004

Production Stichting Rixt